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Warmest of Welcomes to our new Club head coach, Cian Blake


A note from our Head Coach

Our main focus is on the technical improvement and physical skills, which are the essence of creating good tennis players and most importantly creating good athletes. Within these are coordination, dynamic balance, speed, strength, timing and rhythm. Agility training is challenging, fun and exciting. There is the opportunity for tremendous variety so hopefully our classes won’t become laborious or boring.

The programme I have designed, has a focus on overall athletic development and not entirely tennis specific performance.

The main aim for our course going forward will be:


 - Improve technique
 - Develop their flexibility, coordination and balance
 - Provide opportunity for boys and girls to participate together
 - Design drills, games and activities so children have opportunities for maximum active participation 


Our junior coaching program runs from September to June, divided into three terms. Junior coaching takes place from 2-5pm on Mondays .


Monday Junior coaching format has changed. Please note new times and fees. This is a payable session that costs €70 and will run for 10 weeks. For details please contact Cian Blake on 087 9762105


About Cian:


Tennis Ireland level One coach 

Member of T.I.C.A. (tennis Ireland coaches association) 

Phone number: 087 9762105

Name: Cian Blake

Head Coach Cian Blake is available for group and

private coaching for adults and juniors:
Contact: 087 9762105


Private coaching is also available for adults and juniors from:

Siobhan Murray - 086 3695178

I also do home court lessons

Learn to play at the privacy of your own home court

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