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Court Booking Rules

Crosshaven Tennis Club

1.    All court bookings must be made online via Club Spark. 
2.    Court Opening hours are 8am to 10:30pm.
3.    Court peak times are from 7.00pm to 9:30 - Monday to Thursday inclusive.
4.    Changeover is every 75 minutes during peak times. Court timeslots are 60 minutes at all other times. 
5.    From Monday to Thursday to avoid booking gaps, please book on the hour from 8am to 7pm and every 75 minutes from 7pm to 9:30pm 
        Example: 5pm - 6pm, 6pm -7pm, 7pm to 8:15pm, 8:15pm to 9:30 and 9:30 to 10:30pm. 
6.    Members can book courts up to 5 days in advance. Members are limited to two peak bookings in any 5-day period.
7.    Members are allowed to book a court for 75 minutes during peak times. Consecutive booking is not allowed. Note: Members can only play           for two slots each night during peak hours, but each slot must be in a different match.
8.    Only one daily booking per person is allowed at peak times. A booking can be made for an off-peak period on the same day. Members are           encouraged to make all Court bookings on the booking system for both peak and off-peak bookings.
9.    When booking all persons playing should be listed on the booking sheet. Non-members must be listed on club spark and a guest fee of €5           paid per game.
10.    The Club Captain or any other designated club committee person has the discretion to cancel any booking if the court is needed for Club             purposes.
11.    Every member of the club will have their own individual access via club spark to book courts.
12.    Members can only use their emails & passwords for court bookings i.e. no sharing of emails and passwords is permitted.
13.    The member whose ID was used for booking a court must be present on the court they have booked.
14.    Any member availing of individual coaching should be the person booking the court.
15.    Members are encouraged to cancel their court booking as early as possible to give the opportunity for other members to use the court.
16.    As a courtesy to other members, a member must cancel their booking if they are not able to use the court. 
17.    Any member who makes a habit of not turning up for a court booking or who does not comply with the booking rules will be contacted by            the Club Captain / President.

Crosshaven Tennis Club Committee

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