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New and Existing Members

Crosshaven Tennis Club is a friendly, lively community.  We have events for all ages and all abilities and we’re open all year round.

So why not join up today to make the most of the great tennis facilities! 

So why play tennis?

You just want to look and feel fit, and work up a sweat while you're at it. The treadmill? Too boring. Lifting weights? Ditto. Golf? Riding around in a cart and tapping a little ball into a hole is the quickest way to get OUT of shape. What sport will give your body and mind a workout while letting you enjoy the excitement of head-to head competition, all in the time that it takes to watch the first half of a football game?

There's only one, and that's tennis. ......Where Fun and Fitness Meet


A great social outlet, not to mention an all-over workout burning an average 498 calories an hour, tennis is where fun and fitness meet. This is probably why so many adults are returning to the sport, or picking it up for the first time in the 20s, 30s, and even 60s and sticking with it.


Whether you play with your best friend once a week, in a weekend league or with your family, tennis provides a time-efficient, enjoyable way to get in shape and keep up with the people in your life and community.


Club Night

On every Tuesday night at from 7-8.30pm Club Night is run and provides an informal way to meet other members across all grades to socialise and have fun. Coaches also hands out tips and pointers on your own game. It costs €2 and last around an hour and a half. Members are paired with lots of other members and play short games, a great opportunity to meet other members and play other players of different grades.

So why not join Crosshaven Tennis Club today?  It could not be easier:



We are delighted to launch Clubforce-  a new club system which will enable our members to pay membership online. Please follow the link below. Everyone will be signing up as a new member on this system. Enter ALL details and select your membership option, payment will be processed automatically. 

For those members who wish to avail of our standing order payment plan, can you please select the ‘honorary membership’ option and complete your details. Only after this is done, please then contact Abigail Lane for further instructions (only for standing order). 
Abigail - (087) 991 6814. 

Please continue using our current court booking system for now, do not use the booking system on Clubforce until we advise. We will be moving all bookings across to Clubforce in 10 days so please make sure you have your membership paid, or standing order arranged by COB on February 10th.


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