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Sports inclusion and disability awareness

On Thursday 25th March Crosshaven tennis club members are delighted to have completed the ‘sports inclusion and disability awareness webinar’ in association with cork sports partnership.
Six members of the club (3 committee members and all 3 club coaches ) successfully completed this certificated webinar which aims to create greater awareness on the area of disability and is the first steps to learning how to include people of all abilities in our club. Participants on the course had the following feedback..... I personally found the workshop very enlightening and informative.Kate gave a great presentation on the night and covered many shows if we start small and get a committed group together we as a club can offer an introduction to tennis to those with a disability.great that all 3 of our club coaches are on board and will to participate. Robert Jenkins,ctc president “The workshop highlighted that we should not look at the disability but focus on what are the abilities and what can we as a club do to include people of all abilities” Eileen O’Brien,ctc secretary “'The course was a great introduction to the need for inclusion in sports and recreational activities. It gave a great insight into how to overcome the barriers that can come with disabilities and pointed out the importance of acquiring the knowledge to understand and deal with those challenges. It was also good to hear that there are great initiatives and support at hand. I found the Sports Inclusion course very beneficial and would highly recommend it to anyone” Ghyslaine Hegarty,development committee. “I was very happy with the course as this was an area I hadnt any previous experience in. Having been on the course I now feel a lot more confident in this area“ Cian Blake,ctc head coach. “I thought the interactive side was very good. Zoom is difficult but Kate kept us all interested and involved especially with the break out groups and topics. I came away feeling quite a lot more knowledgeable which is always good. She had good energy and tempo I thought” Siobhan Murray,ctc coach. “I think it was a very interesting webinar, to find out how much sport, physical movement can affect the health of a person with a disability. Obviously on the physical aspect to feel better with your muscles, joints, breathing but above all from the mental one, increasing happiness, joy but first of all feeling part of a group” Gianmarco ctc coach

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