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Crosshaven Tennis Club Social Inclusion Policy




For the purpose of this policy ‘inclusion’ means access for all regardless of age, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or social status.  This policy sets out Crosshaven Tennis Club commitment and it supports our overall aims for diversity and inclusion that:

  • Tennis is diverse, inclusive and accessible to any member of the community

  • Tennis should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to play the game

  • Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our club’s ethos and our behaviours

  • We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination

  • We take a proactive approach using positive action to ensure that communities and individuals are valued and able to achieve their full potential


There are a number of measures that we will take to ensure that we are working under the guidance of the Policy.


Social Inclusion Commitment

Crosshaven Tennis club commits to:

Embrace diversity and differences

Encourage equality and inclusion

Provide opportunities that are safe, equitable and accessible to all members of society

Adopt inclusive practice within our competitions and events

Actively identify and reduce barriers to participation of under-represented groups

Consult with expert partners and organisations to facilitate inclusive practices

Provide opportunities for all in coaching, officiating and leadership positions



All executive committee members have specific responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy.  We expect all our club members, volunteers, contractors and users of our facilities to abide by this policy and help create the inclusive, equal opportunities environment which is the objective of this policy.

We will provide a welcoming environment to all.

We will think positively about how we can include people and promote our club in an accessible way.

We will encourage people to contact us to discuss their needs and requirements to facilitate inclusion and consider reasonable adjustments to be made.

We will develop the knowledge and understanding of key officials, coaches, leaders and volunteers, of disability, equity and inclusive practice by providing appropriate guidance and training.

We will ensure that adequate resources are made available to fulfill the objectives of the policy.


The effectiveness of our Social Inclusion Policy will be reviewed regularly and action taken as necessary.


Approved by the Executive Committee in July 2023

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