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Tournament Software

Tournament Software Ireland provides details of all upcoming tournaments and also online entry.


Using Tournament Software please note:

When entering tournament please make sure to enter your Tennis Ireland PIN number in the "MEMBER ID" box

If this is not done you will not receive any ranking points.

If you do not yet have a Tennis Ireland PIN number you can get one at the following link:

Click on the tab at the top right hand corner that says "Sign Up"


Everything is now being done through Tournament Software.


This includes:


  • Looking up the tournaments

  • Entering the Tournaments

  • Logging in to see your account (Login in top right hand corner)

  • Applying for a PIN if you do not have one (Sign up on the main page)

  • Checking times and results

If you have any questions about the tournament please contact the tournament organizer (follow the enter on line).

If you have any questions about PIN number's or your tournament software account please mail the branch office at or contact Conor O'Callaghan at



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