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To all Members: Phase One of the Development of the Tennis Club

To: All Members From: Club Development Committee RE: Phase One of the Development of the Tennis Club

Good News!

As everybody is probably aware by now, we have been successful with our application for support with respect to phase one of our Development Plan.

We received a grant of 76K from the Sport Capital Grant Programme announced recently. This grant was well above the average and we appreciate the help of Simon Coveney, Michael McGrath, Aidan Lombard and Crosshaven Community Association who advised us with our application. A special thanks goes to Eileen and Ghyslaine who worked hard in leading the grant application process on our behalf.

We are delighted now to begin the process of transforming our Club House and we will be asking for interested parties to tender for the project in the Carrigdhoun next week with a closing date for expressions of interest of December 20th.

If you as a Club Member wish to recommend a contractor to be included in the process – please ensure that they are made aware of the process as outlined in the Carrigdhoun Our ambition is to start and complete the project during the period when Tara and her Playschool are on their summer holidays so that we can minimise any disruption to her school.

While we are delighted to be able to start this phase now – we will also be submitting an application for phase two of our development early in the New Year. The grants which will be applying for, require us to have our own independent funding in place as part of supporting our application.

Therefore to maintain our momentum -we are targeting to raise €35k for Club Development in 2020- we will be asking members to identify 7-8 projects to help us to hit our target. We will be holding a special fundraising meeting in January where we can brainstorm and plan events for 2020.

In addition this year as we have a lot of outgoings we will be asking for all of Subscriptions to be paid or to have put on direct debit before the end of January- Mary will be writing to our members in early Jan.

We are a small club and therefore we will need everybody to participate and get involved if we are going to be successful. We will notify Club Members of the meeting in Early Jan.

Thank you

Leo/ Ghyslaine/ Eileen & Peter

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